LAVMI means love me

We create designer wallpaper and interior accessories that meet high aesthetic requirements, have their own style and originality that resonates with the uniqueness of our customers. We inspire change! We help with selection and pass on our experience. We are a partner on the journey to creating a harmonious home.

Behind the Czech brand LAVMI are work and life partners Babeta Ondrová, the author of all the designs that the brand offers, and Jan Slovák. 

Our wallpaper story began in 2009 when we had a small graphic and advertising studio. We worked on a lot of interesting projects, but the desire to make decisions for ourselves and to realize our project from A to Z meant that we had to change the course. Sometimes it happens that one lacks a certain service or product and fills that gap on the market by his own product. A great adventure begins. In our case it was the wallpaper. We wanted a simple, original graphical design, completely different from what was offered by regular DYI stores. It simply did not exist. Since the graphic design was our daily bread, we rushed into it with enthusiasm. And that is how the LAVMI brand came to life. 

We had to learn a lot about production, about technology, about marketing, how to sell at home and abroad. The initial joy of creation, of brand building, freedom and discovering was further enhanced by the realization that this energy can be passed on to inspire people for change. Pleasure that our products can brighten every day and help creating harmony. And that we see as our mission.

Where is LAVMI today?

We currently have a studio in the centre of Prague, we run, and e-shops. Our wallpapers are available in more than twenty countries and we are gradually adding accessories.

LAVMI motto:

Brighten every day

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