Jewel among boutiques


The new brand by ALO Diamonds

ALOve is an emerging chain of boutiques with jewelry for young people. The interiors of the shops are decorated by products made by Czech manufacturers and designers - that is also why the choice was made to adorn the walls by the wallpaper by Lavmi. Thanks to the wallpaper's floral motifs, green wall with live plants and the furniture with animal legs the stores have a unique fairytale atmosphere. You can enjoy it at the Nový Smíchov shopping centre.


Wallpaper Herbs white
Application Paperhangers

Alo Alo Alo

A little bit of my candid pathos...

Martina Zouharová

University teacher

First there was Enter-pin-enter. It got me. Its perfection ended my supposed conservatism and made me more courageous and free when creating my own space. Within a while I got totally hooked on Lavmi magic. I often peak through the online windows and gush, not only over wallpapers and accessories, but also the verbal playfulness of their feed, the casual aesthetics of their pictures, or their ideas and humor. Sometimes I cast my eyes over the words of Lavmi blog and I keep telling myself how pleasant it is, when things are done right. I perceive the Lavmi world as the opposite of haste, consumerism and all that kind of rubbish, which is why I love to hide in it sometimes, even if just through the tentacles of internet.


Wallpaper Enter-pin-enter 3 rolls / € 224.40
Application Paperhangers / € 100


Room for a 5-year-old Max

Kateřina Enders

PR Journalist

I fell in love instantly with the Lavmi wallpaper! After a long and careful search I chose Lavmi because I wanted something fun, cheerful, and at the same time stylish and tasteful for my son Max. Lavmi met all my wishes and demands... we wallpapered Max’s room while he was at the school camp, so it was a surprise when he arrived home. Those sparkling eyes and enthusiastic “woooow” ensured me that the choice was right!!! So I can earnestly recommend Lavmi to all mothers and fathers, your kids will love it!


Wallpaper mural Race Race Blue 1.86 x 2.7 m / € 170.90
Application Paperhangers / € 45


3x Lavmi in one apartment

Eva Pechová


I experience the adventures of my business life mostly at home, alone. When I take my eyes away from the computer or take a little break I want to feel that I am a part of my surrounding. That the world communicates with me. It all started as an innocent flirt with Lavmi, but when I really started my selection of wallpaper, it was clear that this is true love. And that I will not have many white walls left at home. Thanks to Lavmi, every room is a different world, that I understand and that understands me.


Wallpaper mural Race Clocks Beige / 2.79 x 2.79 m / 1 roll / € 260.80
Wallpaper System 3 rolls / € 206.40
Wallpaper Marketa 2 rolls / € 94.40
Application Paperhangers / € 164


Sheep for Sophie and Julie

Michaela Lingerová

Jeweller / Entrepreneur

We decided to reconstruct our apartment including our kids´room. Our architects proposed the design with wallpaper from Lavmi. We were thrilled. It was a surprise for the girls and I think it worked a 100 %. I had passed by the Lavmi shop many times and it never ceased to amaze me... All those accessories are amazing, so we bought also a ceiling lamp. The girls say: "When we can not sleep, we count the sheep."


Wallpaper Marketa violet / 3 rolls / € 141.60
Application DIY / € 0


Accompanied by design

Tomáš Šmídek

the owner

Dynamo is the first design restaurant in Prague. It was designed by Olgoj Chorchoj studio. Their solution is timeless and that's why I wanted to preserve it. At the same time I wanted to innovate the interior without any reconstruction. And thanks to Lavmi it all just worked perfectly.


Mural wallpaper Clocks / custom-made

Application Paperhangers


Headquarters in Brno

Home Credit

Provider of consumer finance

We were looking for decorative selement to brighten our open-space office area in the centre of Brno. We were looking for wallpaper that will bring a feeling of home, cosiness. At the same time we wanted something distinctive to bring some life into the offices, something not boring. In all these aspects the Lavmi wallpaper fulfilled our expectations. We are getting positive feedback not only from our employees, but also from our visitors.


Wallpapers Enter-pin-enter black, System yellow, Salon, Park red, Glory white, Glory grey, Mlynky / Contract price

Application Paperhangers / Contract price


a place with a nice atmosphere

Kateřina Měšťánková

Photographer and founder of the Probuď labuť studio

I love beautiful things and I feel good in a visually appealing, elegant surroundings. Although I live in the old prefab flat, I wished to create a place with a nice atmosphere. I chose the style of the 60s (so-called Brussels), known for its subtlety and fitting very well to a small-size apartment. Lavmi wallpapers fit perfectlyinto the design of the whole room and emphasize its atmosphere. All our visitors are enchanted by the wallpaper. Thank you, Lavmi, for the beauty the wallpapers have brought into my apartment and for the joy that I feel every time I return home!


Wallpaper Sky blue / 3 rolls / € 224.40
Application DIY / € 0


Record holder

Jana Pícková

Accounting firm owner

I am completely addicted to the Lavmi wallpaper. I started with one and now I have seven of them :-) Each room has its own wallpaper, hallway even has two, because I could not decide between two designs. Everything fits together wonderfully and visitors just exclaim in amazement. For a reasonable price I created a great change. Thanks to the skilled paperhangers recommended to me by Lavmi, the result is more than 100 %.


Wallpaper Hills Black / 4 rolld / € 275.20
Application Paperhangers / € 173.50

Wallpaper Clocks Blue / 4 rolls / € 275.20
Application Paperhangers / € 163.70

Wallpaper mural Race Grapes / custom-made 2.2 x 2.5 m / € 117.40 + € 60 for adjustment / € 177.40
Application Paperhangers / € 50

Wallpaper Salon / 2 rolls / € 72
Application Paperhangers / € 94

Wallpaper Salon / 2 rolls / € 72
Application Paperhangers / € 94

Wallpaper Ficus green / 3 rolls / € 206.40
Application Paperhangers / € 95.5

Wallpaper mural Race Wald / custom-made 4.25 x 2.7 m / € 359 + € 60 for adjustment / € 419
Application Paperhangers / € 104.40

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