Nest – the most cherished place. We pamper it,
make it beautiful, warm and soft.
For us and our dearest ones. So simple.


Nest Move

Small pattern in three colours: grey, blue and coral red. This wallpaper will fit anywhere you can imagine. It is beautiful from near, as well as from a distance. It will look great whether your home is full of natural wood, or unicolour furniture.

As the additional wall paint you can choose any of the Nest pallete. To make your nest safe and cosy, use as many pillows as you can.



Wall and wood paints


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Non-woven wallpapers


Move blue
€ 67.60

Move grey
€ 67.60

Move red

€ 67.60



Plane tree taupe

€ 31.60


€ 21

Drops granite

€ 21

Drops pearl

€ 21




€ 67.20

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