Return to nature can be seen all around us.
In Lavmi too. The Natur collection is for every
romantic soul who loves the countryside.
The countryside that makes part of us, even
though we live in the city. Inhale exhale...



We call this pattern Drops. Like drops of dew, or raindrops on the window. There is no such room where Drops wouldn’t fit. It’s only up to you, where you decide to use it. It looks delicate in all three colour combinations. Whether you choose the yellow-grey, or the cooler grey, it will make your room feel bright and full of light.

On the next wall you can use any defined colour of our suggested paint pallete. For light wallpapers, we suggest using lighter shades, i.e. not Pearl Orange and Granite Grey.

To complete the perfect look, choose a pillow from any collection you want. They will all fit and make your room feel cosier.









Plane tree granite

Dark colours change the interior radically. It means that you’d better think twice about where to use them. The best place where to use dark colours is a bedroom, as they make the room feel cosier. The best match for the Plane Tree Granite wallpaper would be the Light Taupe wall paint and, of course, pillows from the collection.

However, bedroom is not your only option, where you can use this beautiful wallpaper. Plane Tree Granite would also be perfect in your hall, living room or a bright dining room.





Coral red and taupe - beige

The warmest, earthy colours of our collection.
No way you make a mistake with these wallpapers.
Besides, coral red is the colour of the season.


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Non-woven wallpapers


Drops white
€ 51.40

Drops grey

€ 51.40

Drops yellow

€ 51.40

Move grey

€ 67.60


Plane tree coral

€ 51.40

Plane tree taupe

€ 59.84

Plane tree granite
€ 99.60



Plane tree taupe

€ 31.60


€ 21

Drops granite

€ 21




€ 67.20

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