Melancholy as the beauty of slowness. The sea
in all of us. Dreaming, that we all need so badly.
A melancholic interior is a peaceful place
- an oasis of contemplation and relaxation.
Make one yourself.


Follow pearl beige

The Follow wallpaper in pearl beige forms the basis of the interior. We usually use bolder patterns somewhere, where they can really shine. It means on bigger walls, with a certain distance, where the pattern itself stands out. Darker shades make any room feel cosier, so they are perfect for rooms with a lot of natural light, as well as for bedrooms, where so much light is unwanted. As the additional wall paint we can choose any of the suggested paint pallete. To complete the perfect look, we offer a well-considered choice of accessories, where the colours dark blue and delicate powder pink-gray play an important role. They accentuate the grace and elegance.

Lighter Follow in Pearl Grey

Here we can see how a colour can affect an interior. Unlike the darker shade, this one is lighter and more playful. The seriousness is gone, but the sophistication stays. We chose the pillows to contrast the wallpaper. The yellow colour on the pillows makes the interior look more vibrant. Apart from the textiles, you can embellish your opposite wall with a picture or some graphic arts. But be careful with colours! It is always better to choose multicoloured pictures and not to put them up on large patterned wallpaper, as it just wouldn’t look good.



We can stay melancholic also during the day. The delicate yellow makes the room more optimistic, but doesn’t disturb the elegance that we are trying to achieve. Whether you choose Anyway or Atoms wallpaper, you cannot choose wrong. These small patterns are not flashy and each of your guests will soon discover their hidden charm. It is very sophisticated. The biggest advantage of small patterns is, that they can be used in large rooms, as well as in small ones. You can even put up a single picture on small patterned wallpaper. Grey and yellow is a perfect match, so if you choose yellow wallpaper, use gray paint on the wall. It always looks better and more complete than if you left your wall simply white.

Wall and wood paints


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Non-woven wallpapers


Follow pearl grey
€ 99.60

Anyway grey

€ 51.40

Anyway yellow

€ 51.40

Atoms yellow

€ 59.84

Cushions and blankets


Dual yellow

€ 31.60

Dual blue

€ 31.60


€ 30.40

Vibes grey

€ 30.40

Half blue

€ 30.40

Peace blue

sold out


Peace rice

sold out


Anyway platinum

€ 30.40


Blanket Calm
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