Thank you for participating in the contest I want to live with Lavmi to win free wallpaper.
The correct answer to the question as to what the Lavmi motto is, is "Brighten every day".
388 people answered correctly, so there are 7 winners.

Everyone who did not win - thank you for the interest in Lavmi and in the contest. Maybe next time!


             Hana Geryková
             Šárka Penkalová
             Lenka Janhubová
             Jozef Pavol
             Peter Hečko
             Gabriela Šupíková
             Petr Novický

The winner will be contacted.


Conditions of the giveaway

Marketing knowledge competition without a draw
Summer wallpaper giveaway


1.1. Company Kreativní prostor Lavmi, Company ID 248 40 629, VAT CZ 248 40 629, Registered Office Prague 1, Zlatnická12, Postal Code 110 00, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under file C 179280  (Hereinafter referred to as "Lavmi") competition

from 19:00 on 4. 7. 2017
until 23:59 on 10. 8. 2017

Marketing knowledge giveaway without a draw "Summer wallpaper giveaway" (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition") and hereby sets out the rules and conditions of the Contest.


2.1. Any individual over 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as the "Contestant") who fulfills the conditions of the Contest stated in these rules may participate in the Contest, but not exclusively:
It is fully right and fully eligible for legal proceedings;
Correct answers to the question "What is the Lavmi motto?" Multiple participation in this Contest is not possible;
Will communicate his contact details to Lavmi, especially his name, surname, email and mobile phone;
The participant is not in a working or similar relationship with Lavmi, as well as personally and property-related, including their relatives and their close friends.

2.2. They will be excluded from the Competition or may not be awarded prizes, those who:
He / she does not meet the conditions of the Competition listed in these rules;
They will act in violation of law and / or with good morals and / or commit fraudulent conduct in connection with the Contest;
They will present false or incomplete information in the Contest;

2.3. In the case of the exclusion of the Contestant, Contestant shall not be entitled to compensation for the costs or damages that may arise to it.


3.1. Every 50th participant, ie (50th in the order of the answers received, 100th in the order, the 150th in the order, etc.), which will respond correctly at the Event to the question "What is the motto of the Lavmi brand?" (Hereinafter referred to as the "Question") will be able to receive a non-cash prize (the "Product") – wallpapers for hanging in one room – maximum 5 rolls or one mural. The winner can be only a participant who has responded correctly and fulfills the Contest conditions; to the relevant tab, confirms that it meets the conditions for participation in the contest and intends to participate.


4.1 Competitors may, subject to the conditions in these rules, win the following: Product.
4.2. Lavmi will evaluate the incoming responses to the Question on the next working day, ie 10 August 2017, by 12:00 noon after the event, and will verify that the relevant participant has met the conditions in these rules.

4.3. The winner becomes the Participant of the Contest, who has met the terms of this Contest, inter alia, answering correctly the Question in the order of the 50th.
4.4. Lavmi will consider the correct answer to the Question, as well as the order of the answer received, the data obtained from the Lavmi information system.
4.5. Lavmi will contact the winner of the Product by email notified by the Contestant on the day of the announcement 10. 8. 2017.
4.6. Prizes that can not be handed over to winners as they are found not to have met the conditions and / or failed to deliver to the winners will lapse after the expiry of the 2-day deadline after the Lavmi Contest has been announced.
4.7. The prize will be ready for the winner for pick up at the Lavmi showroom, Zlatnická 12, Prague 1, at the earliest day after the announcement, ie 11. 8. 2017, when Lavmi reserves the right to check compliance with the terms of the Competition.
4.8. Any withdrawal from the Competition is notified to the winner by email with the reason for his / her exclusion from an authorized Lavmi employee.


5.1. By sending a response to the Question, the Contestant gives Lavmi, in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts, in its valid and effective text (the "Act"), its consent to the processing of his/her personal data, ie, name, surname, e-mail to verify his / her participation in the Contest and to award the prize. This consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary. Revocation of consent is effective at the moment of service by Lavmi and results in the exclusion of the Participant from further participation in the Contest, including loss of entitlement to the transfer of the prize, if it occurs prior to its takeover. At the same time, the participant has the right of access to these personal data according to Section 12 of the Act, and according to the provisions of Section 21, the right to explanation, the right to correct, block or request their addition or liquidation.
5.2. By participating in the Competition, the Contestant agrees that his / her name, surname, e-mail, and contact telephone number may be used for the promotion of Lavmi, including sending commercial communications, and Lavmi may use all audio, video free of charge, which were taken in connection with the organizating and evaluating of the Contest and the award of the prize, for a period of five (5) years from the beginning of the Contest.


6.1. Lavmi declares that is not responsible for errors caused by the transmission of electronic messages.
6.2. Lavmi reserves the right to change the terms of the contest.

6.3. These Rules of Competition become effective on the date of their announcement, with each Contestant sending its response to the Question by agreeing to these rules.
6.4. Any possible disputes arising out of or arising out of this Contest shall be settled exclusively by Lavmi.


In Prague on 30th June 2017

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