Balance is a state where things are of equal weight
or force. That is exactly what we want to achieve
in our life. And that is exactly what we can achieve
in our interior, using shapes, colours and patterns.
The instructions are right in front of you.


Oat yellow

If we want to achieve balance, we need to use contrasts in both colours and patterns.

The Follow Yellow wallpaper forms the basis of a yellow interior. We usually use bolder patterns somewhere, where they can really shine. It means on bigger walls, with a certain distance, where the pattern itself stands out. The Oat Yellow paint has been mixed with grey, which is why it is so elegant. To achieve balance, choose the accessories in contrast colours – the cool shades of blue and grey. As the additional wall paint you can choose any of the suggested paint pallete. However, the contrast between the wallpaper and the wall paint should not be huge, all we want is a visible colour difference.




Gap grey

You can use the Gap Gray wallpaper anywhere you want. It will suit your living room, hall or bedroom. The gentle graphic texture looks great both from near and from a distance. The Pearl Pink and Oat Yellow pillows will be a perfect match for the cool grey wallpaper.









Atoms yellow

The Atoms wallpaper is just like Gap Grey. It is suitable for every room, even for the children’s room. The gentle dots will make the room feel more cheerful. The advantage of small pattern is, that you can put up a single picture on it. Grey and yellow is a perfect match, so if you choose this wallpaper, use gray paint on the wall, or any other from our suggested paint pallete. It always looks better and more complete than if you left your wall simply white. Colours of the accessories can be either cool or warm, it depends on you and your intentions.





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Gap white
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Gap grey
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Follow yellow
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Atoms yellow

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Dual yellow

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Dual pearl

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Stars grey

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Peace blue

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