Wallpaper murals – where do they fit and how to work with them?

Wallpaper murals – where do they fit and how to work with them?

The image printed on wallpaper material could completely change the space. Indeed – like any wallpaper. Where do the murals really fit and what to keep in mind during the selection process? My advice remains – choose wallpaper by your heart. But it is important to consider some other factors. 

The main consideration in decision making is the size of the room. Wallpaper murals need sufficient distance in order to stand out, because they usually create a sort of theatrical backdrop. From a small distance the image does not stand out, because we do not see the overall composition. Looking at the detail is not the right effect. 

The atmosphere is also important. What do you usually do in the room: Work? Eat? Sleep? Is it a coffee shop or a waiting room? It is a good idea to answer this question before you choose a theme or style. 

For a better idea, let me present a few examples  

Striking graphic motifs

These wallpapers are truly dominating the interior. They are radical, uncompromising and give the interior a clear direction. This does not mean, however, that they overshadow everything else. They are a sensitive authority. By placing the mural on one wall only you allow the other elements in the room to stand out as well. This type of wallpaper is chosen by the the more daring.


Photo walls

This are really, but really big photos. For photo walls you need a particularly big distance. They are the ideal decor for salons, waiting rooms, offices. But if you can have a large photo wall at home, go ahead! Photo walls most easily create impressive atmosphere. There are two rules: Do not look from up-close, keep your distance.

Fine, but fundamentally changing the atmosphere

Great, perfect, non-wallpapery, non-ornamental, very modern. I would find a lot of superlatives for this type of images. What am I talking about? They are simple color gradients on the wall. Ideal for "anti-wallpaper" types. For people who, although they would prefer a white wall, still feel it is a bit boring. Raster gradient is subtle, while it completely defines and changes the interior. Suddenly you know where you are. Here is an example and our novelty photo wallpapers from Philip Šlapal, which are in fact large photographs and blue color gradients at the same time. They evoke tranquility, daydreaming, new perspective... judge for yourself.

A level upgrade

Or our latest collection My Land. I wanted to simplify the wallpaper and with minimal adornment shift it from a pattern to a picture. An important detail are the natural elements in contrast with geometry. My Land are greatly simplified landscapes generating colour sections. They divide the wall into abstract colour parts so the view from the distance is not at all necessary. They also belong to all of the above categories.

Illustrated murals for children

Wallpaper for children is a discipline by itself. Illustrations on the wallpaper are designed to be easily visible even in smaller children's rooms, and distinct even without significant distance. In fact the size of motifs – the stories and characters – is adjusted to children's perspective.


All wallpaper murals are designed to be easily adapted to different sizes. This means that cutting a few centimeters from the edges is not a problem. They are available in S, M, L and XL size. We can also prepare a wallpaper mural fitting exactly to the dimensions of your wall. Of course, with individual approach to every detail to your full satisfaction. 

Clarify for yourself what you expect from the wallpaper mural in your room, what type you are. What is the size of the space you will place the mural and what will really make you happy every day. When you answer these questions, you are closer to your dream change. 

Have a nice day.

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Babeta Ondrová / designer Lavmi


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